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Design and delivery of digital private asset solutions to enhance your client experience:

  • Stand out

    The current methods of investment distribution are behind client expectations. Delio digitises the private asset investment experience by providing you with the software and processes to deliver investment opportunities in a clear and compliant way. Our early adopters are seen as stand-out in their dedication to an exceptional customer experience.

  • Stay relevant

    The highly manual, ad-hoc approach to promoting new investment opportunities doesn’t effectively scale in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our ability to intelligently guide your clients towards asset classes and sectors they are looking to invest in ensures that client satisfaction is always at the forefront.

  • Strengthen engagement

    Turn client data into insights and have a conversation they want to have in a way they want to have it.  Our highly intelligent digital platform provides an easy way to strengthen client engagement. Built to be white labelled, Delio’s technology will look like your own direct offering and demonstrate your investment in the client as their trusted business partner.

  • Improve distribution

    Simple and intuitive software makes for rapid and compliant distribution, ensuring time is spent on what matters most to you and your clients. This gives your clients not just the summary level, but the ability to explore the fine details of their investment journey. Immediacy and transparency go hand in hand and reinforce the speed at which people respond.

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Delio for Wealth Managers and Private Banks

Delio is deeply experienced in designing and delivering private asset platforms for the global wealth management industry. We have worked with IFAs through to leading global banks. Digitising existing private asset activities to drive scale and efficiency and improve client experience or helping build a new proposition to stay relevant to today’s clients, we work hand in hand with you to build a solution right for you and your stakeholders.

  • Build an intuitive client facing portal branded to your organisation
  • Provide a curated offering of private investment opportunities, leveraging internal and external deal flow sources
  • Flexible technology supporting the entire private asset universe (EIS, VCT, Private Equity, Private Debt, Real Estate, Impact investments – both direct and via funds) from one segmentable system
  • Digitise processes, documentation execution and automated renewals to improve operational efficiencies
  • Custom approval, on-boarding & compliance workflows for a robust governance framework
  • Multijurisdictional and tiered distribution capabilities
  • Insightful analytics to drive client engagement, deepen relationships and understand more about clients’ private asset preferences
  • Engaging portfolio management tools for providing seamless ongoing reporting and monitoring of client holdings
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Delio for Family Offices and Alternative Investment Funds

Delio provides capital allocators with a one-stop solution for origination, distribution, transacting and ongoing monitoring. A range of leading family offices, private equity, real estate and venture capital firms utilise our technology to:

  • Originate a diverse range of international opportunities beyond their network
  • Syndicate investments with trusted partners or help portfolio companies access new capital
  • Improve the efficiency of managing all aspects of the private asset investment lifecycle
  • Raise co-investment capital or fund commitments directly from family offices & Ultra High Net Worth investors
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Delio for Professional Networks and Organisations

We work with a range of influencers, from angel networks through to government organisations in order to enhance their value proposition. We configure our leading-edge digital technology to meet the strategic aims of the organisations we work with; be that reaching new investors, increasing transaction volumes, driving economic prosperity or simply providing a simply better deal making environment.

  • Connecting and engaging your community
  • Developing co-investment strategies and groups
  • Enhancing service levels with minimum resource requirement
  • A configurable platform to support the various nuances of your proposition & strategic aims
  • Can assume full regulatory responsibilities of operating a digital investment for you
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Delio for Investment Banks and Corporate Finance Advisors

Dealmakers use Delio to drive efficiency, eliminate fragmented processes and expand their network; lowering costs, reducing deal friction and increasing activity. Digital NDAs, targeted campaigns, insightful analytics and a more targeted approach to High Net Worth, Ultra High Net Worth and family office capital are just some key parts of the solution.

  • Drive initial engagement with targeted campaigns using our distribution list tools
  • Digital NDA execution and document release to reduce deal friction
  • Simple and efficient pipeline & investor management
  • Ingrained CRM tools for an all in one solution
  • Connect to broader DelioConnect ecosystem to expand network and reach new sources of capital
  • Manage the M&A deal process as well as more collaborative, single-raise fundraising activities all through one configurable multi-use solution