Delio at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Kathryn O'Brien

Our COO David Newman was in Amsterdam this week attending the Belgian-Dutch Innovative Entrepreneurs & Finance Conference.

The conference was to review Belgian-Dutch collaboration efforts for entrepreneurial initiatives and was attended by His Majesty King Philippe of the Belgians and Her Majesty Queen Mathilde. David was honoured to be a part of this, saying "It is fantastic seeing financial technology getting such a high profile platform. To be on the royal agenda in Belgium and Netherlands shows that advances in financial technology have a serious role to play in achieving broader strategic goals and this is rightly being recognised”.

David discussed the Belgian fintech ecosystem, giving insight on how alternative financing and fintech initiatives are impacting the current environment by making fund investments more diverse and giving people e-options. As these become more mainstream it is encouraging new initiatives and this will only feed upon itself. Recommendations on how to encourage investment in entrepreneurs in Belgium and Netherlands were also elucidated. The first of these was that existing institutions need to take full advantage of the fantastic network available to them and leverage it better. Another is making it easier to actually leverage this network at a regulatory level. Belgium has brought in its own scheme to do this but it needs to be promoted more and given the time to work. Finally, the industry needs to be vigilant and avoid "short termism" to ensure quality is upheld.

He had this to say on the experience: “For me, one of the highlights of the day was our panel discussing with business leaders of all stages their experience of fundraising and how technological advances could improve the experience. Whether the CEOs had just raised early stage venture capital, taken private equity or family office investment, or recently undergone an IPO, they were all open about opportunities for fintech to improve their fundraising experience. Importantly, all agreed it was not just the fund raise itself but the ongoing dialogue with investors post-investment."

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