Our People: The Experience of Our Marketing Intern

Five months ago Briony joined the Delio team on an integrated placement programme from Cardiff university, and WOW were we lucky to have her! Focusing on marketing but trying her hand at whatever came her way, Briony has added real value to the team and we're sad her placement is over so soon, with this week being her last. Below she's written a little about her experience with us, including some brilliant advice for other students thinking about their placements.

Briony Kloet

From Briony...

Twenty weeks ago, I arrived at Delio’s Cardiff office as an unconfident, inexperienced student who was rather apprehensive about what the next five months would bring. If it wasn’t for my helpful and supportive colleagues who answered my (endless) list of questions, I believe my lack of understanding on the fintech industry would have made this whole experience far more challenging from the outset! Being on placement has not only expanded my knowledge, but also broadened my skill set and as a result, I now feel far more prepared for the working world.

Although I agree that securing a placement increases the likelihood that you’ll be employed in the future, if you want to gain the most from your placement experience I highly recommend applying to a small firm or start up, like Delio! Working in a smaller firm ensures your voice is always heard and your opinion is appreciated. Your role is often relatively flexible so you’ll find yourself working on a wide variety of tasks which range across several departments, thus giving you more exposure to the business. Working in a smaller firm also gives you more responsibility and as a result, you’ll see the impact that you and your activities make on the company, and if that doesn't motivate you I don’t know what will!

I found myself doing something new and exciting every day whilst at Delio, which wasn’t what I expected from 9-5 office life. One week I could be writing blog posts for the company website or formulating new ideas for improving Delio’s social media strategy, and the following week I could be travelling up and down the country attending fintech exhibitions and conferences. In addition, due to the ‘all hands on deck’ approach of every startup, it was not uncommon for me to find myself carrying out non-marketing related tasks which ranged from booking the CEO’s travel and accommodation to finding a plumber to come and fit a dishwasher at the office! From this, I’m sure you can tell that I never ran out of things to do which is what you should expect in a startup.

Working at a small fintech firm has changed me as a person. Not only am I now an excessive coffee drinker, but I am also far more confident than I was 20 weeks ago. I feel that this has been reflected in my ability to network with business representatives at events, build positive work relationships with my colleagues and provide my input on company decisions without hesitation.
This placement opportunity has been an invaluable learning experience for me and has helped me realise my true potential. If you’re looking for a placement in a company with a relaxed culture characterised by employee empowerment and a flat structure, then look no further - Delio is the right place for you!

Your Placement

Briony was our third intern, and we hope to have many more! If you like to get stuck in and learn fast in a fun environment, choose us for your placement too.