Introducing the New Interface for Custom Approval Workflows

Custom approval workflows are an important part of the Delio platform, enabling our clients to digitise their own internal processes. To that end we have been working on improving the user experience of this functionality and we’re delighted to share with you the new interface:

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.34.11.png

Custom approval workflows enable your Delio platform to reflect the internal deal processes you already use, and integrate them into the software to increase efficiency and speed up the steps to get deals approved.


This functionality is available on all our standard and enterprise platforms. Even better, as part of our consultancy services we sit down with our clients to help them integrate their internal process so their platform perfectly reflects their workflow. Not only have some of our clients used this opportunity to fully integrate and digitise their processes, but several have also used the consultation to examine, simplify and improve their internal process itself - technology driving behaviour.

How to Use

The approval workflow functionality is part of your Delio platform, with no add-ons required. It can be used to build and create workflows both for deals submitted by internal users and for deals submitted by entrepreneurs. You can also create workflows for any deals that enter your platform through DelioConnect as well as a custom workflow for the investor pre-invite stage.

Workflows are created by adding a series of steps which the platform prompts you to do, you can add information such as step title, description, step type, users etc, to make using the process easy for your whole team.

Your Platform and Custom Workflows

If you’d like the new custom workflow configured on your platform, or you’d like to see a personalised demo, please contact your Delio account manager. There is no additional charge for this new interface. A step-by-step guide and video are also available via your account manager for you to refer to at your convenience.