Embracing technology to become better CAs

Gareth Lewis at the ICAS One Young CA Awards

Gareth Lewis at the ICAS One Young CA Awards

Gareth Lewis CA, CEO and co-founder Delio, and the winner of the Top 100 Young CAs Technology category talks about the changing profession and why CAs should embrace technology.

There are multiple technological developments confronting the accountancy profession, business and the wider public.

There has been a big shift across the accountancy profession in terms of embracing technology. For me, the evolution of technology within the profession is two-fold. On the one hand, you have the day-to-day side of it, while on the other hand, we have technologies emerging that will transform the future of our profession. We are seeing this shift at Delio, where we have encountered a number of financial institutions that were using highly manual processes to run daily operations. Through our platform, we’ve been able to digitise these processes.

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