Delio Team Spotlight: Caitlin & Ed

To ensure the Delio team remain close as the company grows, our internal newsletter sheds some light of two of our team members each month. This month we found out a little more about Caitlin and Ed and thought we’d share it with you so you can get to know the team too.

Caitlin, Delio

Caitlin Murphy

Software Developer

I joined Delio almost three years ago, in January 2016. One of the most random jobs I’ve ever worked at was probably when I was working for Celador writing software for their game shows including Who Wants to be a Millionaire. To test the software we regularly had to all act as contestants on the various game shows and one time we even got to try out software our on a real set of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and I got to sit in the hot seat!

I love to travel, and fell in love with Thailand when I visited there after uni, and for my honeymoon - I love the people, the food, the beaches, the stunning scenery... but not so keen on the mosquitoes! If I had one super power it would be to never get tired!

People would be surprised to know that I used to be a burlesque backing dancer! 💃

Ed Cotton, Delio

Ed Cotton

Senior Client Director

I joined Delio in September 2017, having previously worked at Edmond de Rothchild’s Private Mechant Banking business, and Barclays Wealth before that. One of the most random jobs I’ve ever had was as a scuba diving guide in Colombia! Morocco is my absolute favourite holiday destination.

If I could have any superpower it would be to be able to fly….or to breath underwater! If anyone asks me what my secret talent is, it would be “happy feet”…. but dont ask!

I once met John McEnroe, sitting at the barstool next to me whilst on a first date with Alice (My now wife!) Suffice to say, I did not play it cool!

A special mention also goes to Joe - our employee of the month!

Joe is a recently joined member of the Delio development team. Joe has been instrumental in leading the effort in redesigning our User Experience. Due to his work in close collaboration with the development team, Joe has done an outstanding job in ensuring not only the design looks great, but ensured that all of the team were involved through the products testing, release and ongoing support. Excellent job Joe!

Employee of the month, Delio