Delio Team Spotlight: Adam & Mayra

To ensure the Delio team remain close as the company grows, our internal newsletter sheds some light of two of our team members each month. This month we found out a little more about Adam and Mayra and thought we’d share it with you so you can get to know the team too.

Adam, Delio

Adam Yaziji

DevOps Engineer

I joined Delio in 2017, having previously worked for Hodge Bank and Apple. In terms of the most random or exciting job I’ve ever had, in Year 12, I was on work experience, helping build custom PCs, nothing too out of the ordinary… Turns out the guy I was working for was a fraudster who claimed to have beaten up 65 gang members in Hollywood Bowl with a snooker cue….He still owes me wages!!

My favourite holiday destination would probably be LA as there’s so many weird people there, who are fun to watch! I’ve never really met anyone famous, but I did once walk across the street from Harry Potter!

People might be surprised to know that I play guitar, and have done for the past 11 years.

Mayra, Delio

Mayra Fiorini

Test Analyst

I joined Delio in January 2018. Previous to this, I worked at Action for Children, and also as a shop manager on a cruise ship’s jewelry shop! I would say my proudest achievement to date at Delio is helping Sarah set up Jira and creating an automation suite to help with my tests.

I’ve always been fascinated with Japan, and would love to visit the country one day. People would probably be surprised to know that I used to do Japanese sword fighting and Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. I also used to dance Tango and Zouk!

I’m a jack of all trades, master of none kind of girl, but if I had a super power, it would be immortality!

A special mention also goes to Matthew - our employee of the month!

Matthew, as one of the senior architects of the team, has produced consistently outstanding work in helping to future-proof the Delio platform. He has been leading from the front, spending countless hours working on the best way of achieving the result with the minimum of disruption.

His knowledge, plus his ability to help his colleagues and friends around him makes him a very deserving recipient of this award.

Well done Matthew, outstanding work!

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