New Product Feature: Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting

We continue to work closely with the institutions that use the Delio platform. This enables us to make improvements and build new functionality where it would add real value to our clients, and to their clients. And we’re excited to announce our latest release as this feature was in high demand!
Our new portfolio monitoring tool enables organisations to provide their clients with a rich, dynamic portfolio monitoring experience, while reducing the time they spend creating and issuing reports. All within the existing Delio infrastructure.

How Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting works for Investors

Traditionally most investors view their portfolio as and when reports are released and issued to them. With Delio’s portfolio monitoring tool, investors can now view their entire investment portfolio at will, from a high level down to an individual deal level.

Performance metrics, including valuations and distributions, and documents are displayed in a visually rich, user friendly interface that is seamlessly presented within an infrastructure they are already familiar with. Crucially, it works for investments made both on and off the platform and is all branded as the institution they work with.

Investors are able to log in and view their portfolio when they wish, giving them more control over their experience. Metrics are displayed uniformly across all deals, enabling easy comparison and engagement, and ultimately saving time.


How Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting works for Organisations

Historically investment reporting processes can be ad hoc and time consuming for institutions to create and issue individually to their clients. Our new feature aims to simplify and consolidate this process to make more efficient use of time while providing consistent reporting with valuable investment information for clients.

Now organisations can update investments, including capital structure, valuations and distributions, and Delio will immediately configure and display the data for each of the individual users, across multiple investments.

What’s more, documents can be uploaded - from annual reports to share certificates - for specific users to easily access whenever they wish.

Portfolio - Reporting

Want to See it in Action?

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