DelioConnect empowers, expedites and enhances dealflow.

Discover a wide range of platforms to connect with. Filter, research, and access opportunities that enhance your proposition to your clients and access opportunities that enable you to broaden your investment reach, be it for own capital or as part of a broader distribution mandate.

Connect with other organisations on your own terms of business. Use tools to define your appetite across asset class, industry, or investment mandate. Develop a trusted network of partners across the global DelioConnect ecosystem.

Promote your investment opportunities with a digital toolkit that standardises the format in which users can search, filter, and review private asset opportunities. Upload and control all the supporting documentation and deal content required to make an opportunity an actionable proposition. 

Communicate seamlessly and centralise the ongoing interaction, negotiation, and execution between members. Interact via secure messaging tools and manage the information flow between deal managers, investors, and even supporting third parties.


Included with DelioConnect

✔  Unlimited deal uploads
✔  Secure messaging between platforms and users
✔  Documentation management and storage
✔  Filters to define asset class or industry
✔  Mobile optimised platform
✔  Customer support
✔  Internal workflow tracking
✔  Custom branding