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About us

Delio was created from the recognition that the expectations of clients looking to invest in private assets were not being met. Today’s wealth creators expect real-time access to direct investment opportunities – We help organisations deliver this in a way that works for them and their clients.

Delio’s long-term goal is to create a globally connected multi-asset-class investment ecosystem that enhances liquidity and deal volume while maintaining an exceptional client journey. By leveraging technology and talent we offer premium, intelligent and flexible solutions to organisations in a range of applications. We help institutions and advisors evolve their offering and amplify opportunity.

Since 2015, we have been providing white-labelled, web-based platforms to help financial institutes and advisors connect their investors with opportunities within their own discrete networks. Today, Delio is the digital toolkit of choice for financial institutions and advisors looking to digitise and streamline.

Going beyond the technology, our people work with institutions to configure our core solution for a range of use cases and enable wider connectivity into a diverse private investment market. It’s the understanding of the wider consideration (pipeline management, marketing, compliance, investor motivation and behaviour) that makes Delio the solution of choice.

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