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About us

The genesis of Delio was very simple. We saw first-hand that today’s High, Ultra High Net Worth & Family Office investors were increasingly allocating to private equity, private debt, real estate, EIS & impact investments, but the propositions from financial institutions in this space were either non-existent or ad-hoc and inefficient. This persisted in spite of their access to enviable networks of deal flow and a need to differentiate and stay relevant to entrepreneurial and next-generation clients.

We worked hand-in-hand with leading institutions to design a software solution that could help tackle the compliance, efficiency and scalability challenges of building and delivering these propositions. This became the highly configurable and flexible Delio white label private asset platform launched in 2015.

The digital toolkit we built has now extended far beyond just private banks, wealth managers and multi-family offices. It is used by a diverse range of angel networks, corporate finance advisors, single-family offices, professional organisations and institutional investors. These firms leverage our industry-leading technology to streamline their existing operations and leverage our network and expertise as they look to improve and scale the way they engage with High Net Worth, Ultra High Net Worth and Family Office capital or enhance their private asset operations.

Underpinning our software solution is an infrastructure designed to facilitate connectivity between participants in the private asset arena. Our clients are now able to originate from, distribute to and co-invest alongside a broad range of trusted partners, as well as seek new ones in the previously fragmented global private markets. DelioConnect is a solution that organisations turn to in order to facilitate the way they engage with external partners, unearth new opportunities or attract new sources of capital.

Today, more than 200 organisations leverage Delio in a way that works for them, their stakeholders and their clients. Our digital solutions, network and expertise supports them across origination, distribution, engagement, reporting in an efficient, engaging and compliant manner. Delio is working towards becoming the world-leading private asset infrastructure of choice.