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Consultancy Regulatory and Support Services

More than just a technology provider; you can leverage our expertise and regulatory status to build or enhance your private asset activities.

Launching or scaling a private asset solution requires more than just great technology. Our technology is designed to mould around the nuances of your internal processes and the needs of you and your clients but we go further…

We work hand in hand to design solutions to meet your ambitions and can develop your core capabilities through a range of consultancy, regulatory and support services.

We appreciate and understand the regulatory and compliance challenges facing organisations offering private assets to individual investors; particularly when operating across borders or service lines.

Delio is authorised by the FCA and is equipped with deep expertise and experience to support our clients on overcoming these hurdles.

We use our regulatory status to support our clients in meeting their own regulatory obligations either via undertaking regulated activities on behalf of clients or the provision of wider regulatory advice.

We have worked with many leading organisations and networks and ensuring that risk and regulatory considerations are identified and fully addressed is a key part of our offering. This is both during the set-up of the proposition, in terms of supporting the governance framework design, and once launched, in terms of potentially undertaking KYC checks on investors, assessing appropriateness, portfolio reporting and financial promotion sign-offs.

Via our deep international and financial services expertise, we are also able to offer support in areas such as deal sourcing, staff training, client workshops, business model analysis or go-to-market strategies.

We take a holistic approach and carefully consider the interplay between commercial ambitions, client needs, governance processes, regulatory considerations and then how this all mapped to a technology solution built for you.