Distribution Tools

The Delio platform can be configured for a range of alternative use cases to meet the individual needs of our potential clients who face distribution challenges. These challenges are common when it comes to connecting deal flow across asset classes with target investor bases. 

Our market leading distribution tools overcomes these problems with the following functionality:

  • Your deal fields and view are customisable so your on-platform deals can look and feel the way you want.
  • You have the ability to create distribution lists and send branded, professional emails showcasing specific deals, straight to those lists from within the platform.
  • With DelioConnect you are able to distribute deals to other organisations and enhance your own deal flow in a secure and compliant environment.
  • Use the platform referral tools to send individual deals to people off-platform.
  • Client segmentation and classification allows you to vary deal offerings to different client groups.
  • The platform's analytics tools allow you to study investor behaviour and trends, and alter your proposition to better their investment experience.
  • Distribute documents such as NDAs and Term Sheets to investors and connected institutions from within the platform, improving compliance auditing and tracking.
  • Generate consistent investor portfolio reports and distribute the relevant data to individual clients.

Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Provide your clients with a rich, dynamic portfolio monitoring experience, while reducing the time you spend reporting.

Portfolio for your Investors

Using the new ‘My Portfolio’ menu option, your investors can view their entire investment portfolio at will, from a high level down to an individual deal level. Performance metrics are displayed in a visually rich, user friendly interface that is seamlessly presented within the Delio platform infrastructure, for investments made both on and off the platform.

Portfolio for your Institution

Your reporting processes are consolidated in an easy to use and flexible interface. Update investments, including capital structure, valuations and distributions, and Delio will immediately configure and display the data for each of your individual users, across multiple investments.
Upload documents, from annual reports to share certificates, and allow specific investors and connected institutions to access them whenever they wish.