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Delio is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Download our one page summary of why Delio resonates with leading institutions. This document is great way to start your journey with Delio.

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Proven track record across a range of use cases

Wealth Managers &
Private Banks

We work with leading institutions to further unlock and utilise their market presence, by helping to deliver their own client-facing proposition in the private market space. By connecting their clients with relevant deal flow, financial institutions can better understand their clients, strengthen relationships and redefine their client experience.



Professional Networks & Organisations

We work with a range of influencers, from angel networks through to government organisations in order to enhance their private market value proposition. Using leading-edge digital technology cornerstones of transactional activity, we assist organisations with strategic aims such as increasing transaction volumes, driving economic prosperity and providing a simply better dealmaking environment.


Investment Banks &
Corporate Finance Advisors

Our flexible technology can solve a number of challenges for smaller organisations looking to do more in the private investment space. From managing transactions and partner relationships more effectively, to reporting and monitoring – Delio’s configurable platform helps eliminate fragmented and ad hoc processes while maintaining exceptional client service.


Family Offices & Alternative Investment Funds

Direct investors and syndicates can work within their discrete markets and better manage the flow of deals in a structured and compliant way. With increasing volumes of capital being allocated to private investments, our solution can reduce resource, inform and expedite better investment decision making, whilst ensuring existing holdings are accurately monitored.


who we are working
who we are working
who we are working
who we are working

A connected network of separate, discrete and own-branded private investment communities, containing separated user groups via which participants can define their investment mandates and share deal flow online.

Individual platforms can use DelioConnect to access an over-arching catalogue of network participants and identify vetted subscribers allowing them to confidentially connect under their own terms of business.

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Excited to be part of FinTech Nation 2018 – read what Gareth Lewis, our CEO and Co-Founder, and other great innovators have to say here #FinNat18 #FinTech @innfin @ciceroglobal

Today, with @CiceroGlobal, we launch the 1st edition of FinTech Nation 2018, featuring pieces from our members @akonihub @AltfiData @wearebankable @DelioWealth @GoCardless @iwoca @Issufy8 @ovalmoney #FinNat18 (1/2)

Good catching up with @GarethRLewis @DelioWealth. Got our views across on funding and skills.

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